Wednesday, August 29, 2012

choose life~

" There are times when our failures, guilt and sorrows lead us to despair. But we need not give in. we can rise, walk again and CHOOSE LIFE. We are here on earth TO LIVE, EXPERIENCE WHATEVER COMES, TO ACT ON THAT EXPERIENCE as well as we can, and hence TO GROW. It is a gift from God."
How do we learn to rise and walk; to cherish life against the exhaustion of guilt or sorrow or failure; to hold on until the lights come on again? How do we come to that moment when even in our despair we can say,
“Maybe, just maybe, i can try again?”
  1. First invite yourself to live. Seek out those who have gone through the same thing; you will find them everywhere, in books and in life- gallant people who never give up, who are proof positive that life is worth living. Once you believe that, your belief will help create the fact.
  2. Forgive yourself- and others. Whatever the cause of our trouble, we often see in it some real or imaginary fault of our own. By the same token, don’t brood over what others have done to you. Remember that people who hurt you often do so out of their own problems, not out of their perception of you. IF YOU DESERVED THE INJURY DONE TO YOU, LEARN FROM IT. IF YOU DIDN’T DESERVE IT, FORGET IT. 
  3. Regain your self-esteem. Stand for your own values, be as generous to yourself as you would be to others. 
  4. STOP EXPECTING THAT YOU WILL FAIL. So what if you do? In the depths of defeat, we often feel that we have nothing to give the world. “THINK OF WHAT YOU HAVE rather than WHAT YOU LACK”.
  5. Return to the world of other people. It is true that we need time alone. But we must not stay too long on that island in time, for in the end the way back to life is through our kinship with others.
  6. Find a compassionate person to whom you can talk from the bottom of your heart, you will feel blessed and comforted to be with such friend.
  7. Reach out to help. Give your time and concern to others, thus healing yourself. 
  8. Believe in miracles and pray and pray. Do not lose hope. Allah works in a mysterious way and bear in mind that everything happens for a purpose.
  9. Respond to every small sunlight of hope that breaks into your dark wood; everything means something. Look for the little joys so usual and yet so cherishable. Find something that can put at least a smile on your face and do it wholeheartedly.  
  10. Practise gratitude. Every day, especially when you are troubled, look for reasons to be grateful. “Thank you God that …….” (whatever it is).  Try this and in time you may find yourself saying,  

“Thank you Allah, for making life as it is”-sorrow along with the joy, how wonderful it is, Coz..
If the sorrow didn't come, we'll never know the price of joy! (^__^)
# iv read dis article when my beloved student came to me and showed her materials for ULBS. Love dis article and it’s worth to be shared (^__^)

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  1. 'If the sorrow never comes, we don’t know the price of joy'

    Love that phrase..thanks for sharing:)