Saturday, April 10, 2010

minyak kapak to me.......

today, i woke up at 2.55 a.m..having stomach ache since last two days and not much could i do in these period of time..i put axe brand medicated oil every time i feel uncomfortable physically and emotionally (it's quite irrelevant to put dis medicated oil when im not sick but dis thing can make me feel calm more than ever). 'minyak kapak' does remind me about my home and my beloved parents every time i smell it..

to me, it really2 has a great sentimental value which couldn't be substituted with anything else.. 

i still remember, many years back when i was just a little kid, i used to 'trick' my parents (not anymore) coz im not happy to be a youngest daughter in family

i feel very lonely because the age gap between me and my siblings is quite huge.. 

1st: 1966
2nd: 1968
3rd: 1970
4th: 1972
5th: 1975
6th: 1976
7th: 1980
me: 1987

i could not forget the moment when i knocked my parents' room late at night saying that im having stomach ache (honestly, i just felt afraid to sleep alone in another room yet felt shy to admit it, huhu..)
when they heard that, my mother and my father would put 'minyak kapak' to soothe my 'sakit perut' til i fall aslept..

it's very touching when i remember how much they had sacrifice their sleeping time just for me;their little kiddy who was so notty; always used that excuse to sleep with them(^-^)

that's why since i had to left my beloved home to stay at hostel at the age of 13 up til now, 
i don't forget to bring minyak kapak with me bcoz it's extremely valuable to me; 

it reminds me of my parents and my childhood...

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