Sunday, September 2, 2012

online shop

feel a little bit dizzy from yesterday's journey plus iv already got a fever since past few days..yet am trying my best to write dis. act.dis entry is dedicated to our beloved n fun 'ketua panitia' of english unit, Puan Amilia Mahali..FYI, she has started an online shop for 'baju kurung' n 'jubah' earlier dis year; they are awesome!! and now she plans to start a new business which is long and wide shawl for those who love fashion yet thabat in covering aurah especially chest for female..she asked my opinion bout dis n of coz i luv dat though am not d one who is up to date with nowadays fashion, just wear anything dat makes me feel safe n comfortable but seriously,it's hard to find those type of shawls, so grab the chance! (^_^)..iv tried da shawl n i like da material's easy to wear, tak lembik sangat, tak keras sampai nampak mengerbang cam singa n senang dibentuk, will stay in a good shape for da whole occasion except for when u stand in front of da kipas with your face facing it, it will be a disaster (^_~)..
ready to go back to tapah; i was full, tq kakhuda~ dis is da shawl actually, but.... i was so eager to eat n trust me da foods were really scrumptious til u can't stop urself from finishing up ur plate n tadaaaaa!!! ur shawl was out of shape when u raised ur head, so don blame pn amilia's shawl, it was my fault,hee..da length is 2 metres so u just wear according to ur favourite style, or u can refer to any tutorials in youtube,( i chose bawal style coz my face is soo gemok)~so selamat membeli n selamat mencuba (^_^) p/s:dis jubah also bought from her shop (^_~)V
# im stuck in da middle of nowhere n am not happy bout dis, yet i trust Allah is da best planner for His creation... :'(

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