Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Allah still loves me, alhamdulillah :)

alhamdulillahi'ala kulli hal..i am blessed with today's life, almost 25..
so many things happened to me this year, sweet n bitter..though knowing dat Allah still loves me, it's more than enough (^__^) not a good servant, iv done lots of sins, always disobey Him, yet He always gives His best to me :'(
thank you Allah, the Most Merciful..alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah....

yesterday was da first time i felt a little bit stressful about work,huu..managing PBS, checking trial SBP nyer papers, key in datas in ISIS, plus Form 4 class teacher's task, all of them have to be settled before going back for Raya's holiday, meaning to say, it's today :'(
alhamdulillah, after burning the midnight oil last nite, i was able to finish up all the tasks, alhamdulillah..ok,feel lots better..i could smile now (^_^)

there's a little surprise for me yesterday when a nicely wrapped present on the desk caught my attention, it's pink,huu..birthday present in advance from my seven lovely daughters; vaigeeshri,damia',nurin, hani, aqilah, sabrina, n aina, dunno where they got my date of birth, so sweet (^__^) 1st birthday present as a teacher indeed! (^_^)..n got a cute card from my ousemate..luv them so much!
***a lot of aims to be achieved by the end of dis year, 1 of them is on Nov, couldn't wait no more, on Sept has to fill in some forms, on Oct plans to apply for sth...praying dat Allah will be with me all the way, may He ease things for me, amin~ (^__^)
p/s: the aims aren't about getting pliz do not misunderstand me, it's about sth else (^_^)

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