Friday, March 22, 2013

SPM 2012 : MRSM & SBP

some people asked me why MRSM nye result tak gabung with SBP punye result esp for SPM, so they could have a clear picture which school is better..actually i dunno why but from my own view n based on my current experience being a teacher in sbp, mrsm is working under its own system which is MARA.. dat's why even if there are some courses organized by JPN for the teachers, teachers from MRSM can choose whether they want to join us or not..MRSM has its own privilege. though im working in sbp system now, still i was mjsc student once upon a time; mrsm da bagi banyak kenangan manis n pengalaman yang berguna pada azie, my loyalty lies there ^__~..

yet, i cannot compare these two (mrsm n sbp) coz i love both ^__^  tapi mungkin ada yang tertanya2 so just wanna share something about result SPM 2012.

p/s: tahniah to warga SESTA too as dis is da first product from us, walaupun tak mampu berada di tempat teratas tapi alhamdulillah, 2nd place at da state level is more than enough, moga ALLAH memberkati usaha kalian (^__~)
selamat bercuti semua (homesick mode; selasa baru dapat balik kelate (-,-")

*SBT : sekolah berprestasi tinggi   
  1. MRSM TUN GHAFFAR BABA                                                1.0391
  2. SEKOLAH SERI PUTERI  (SBT)                                             1.0422
  3. SM SAINS TUNKU MUNAWIR (SBT)                                   1.0620
  4. MRSM TAIPING                                                                      1.0997
  5. KOLEJ TUNKU KURSHIAH  (SBT)                                       1.1607
  6. SM SAINS ALAM SHAH  (SBT)                                              1.1870
  7. MRSM LANGKAWI                                                                  1.1971
  8. MRSM PONTIAN                                                                      1.2245
  9. SEKOLAH TUN FATIMAH  (SBT)                                           1.2275
  10. KOLEJ ISLAM SULTAN ALAM SHAH  (SBT)                       1.2976
  11. SBP INTEGRASI GOMBAK  (SBT)                                         1.3417
  12. SM SAINS MUAR  (SBT)                                                          1.4349
  13. THE MALAY COLLEGE KUALA KANGSAR  (SBT)            1.4593
  14. SM SAINS SULTAN MAHMUD  (SBT)                                   1.4928
  15. SEKOLAH SULTAN ALAM SHAH    (SBT)                            1.5032
  16. SM SAINS KUBANG PASU                                                      1.5105
  17. SM SAINS MUZAFFAR SYAH   (SBT)                                    1.5327
  18. SM SAINS KUCHING  (SBT)                                                   1.5327
  19. SM SAINS HULU SELANGOR  (SBT)                                    1.5410
  20. SM SAINS TAPAH                                                                      1.5719
  21. MRSM KUANTAN                                                                     1.5745
  22. MRSM TUN ABDUL RAZAK                                                   1.6171
  23. SEKOLAH TUANKU ABDUL RAHMAN  (SBT)                   1.6755
  24. SM AGAMA PERSEKUTUAN LABU  (SBT)                          1.6960
  25. SM SAINS JOHOR   (SBT)                                                        1.7003
  26. MRSM ALOR GAJAH                                                                1.7092
  27. SM SAINS KOTA TINGGI  (SBT)                                             1.7295
  28. MRSM PENDANG                                                                     1.7419
  29. SM SAINS MACHANG   (KLUSTER)                                      1.7527 
  30. SM SAINS SERI PUTERI  (SBT)                                               1.7575
  31. SM SAINS REMBAU                                                                  1.7705
  32. SM SAINS KUALA TERENGGANU  (KLUSTER)                  1.7862
  33. SULTAN ABDUL HALIM  (SBT)                                               1.7924
  34. SBP INTEGRASI RAWANG  (KLUSTER)                                1.8046 
  35. MRSM PASIR SALAK                                                                1.8093                           

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