Tuesday, January 29, 2013

semalam, out of boredom i went to aeon station 18, tolong menyibuk time orang sambut thaipusam and chinese shopping nak raya dorang. (tu la, sape suruh tak balik, cuti 5hari kut (*--*) ) da jalan2 sampai lenguh kat dalam aeon yg besau gedabak tu, then i dropped by at one booth, 1st ayat yang kua dari dat girl kat kedai tu, "sempoi r awak ni, shopping sorang2 (wondering cane dia tahu, mungkin nampak cam jalan takde arah tuju kut,huu..)", didnt know how to respond....d only words came out from me "saya drive..." sangatla takde kaitan,huu...(-,-'') n she repeated da same statement bout me being sempoi,huu..(maybe she still doesnt understand the need of learning to do things by your own when one's reach my age..) we talked for a while coz she asked lots of questions bout me, she's just 21 years old, bla bla bla n bla bla bla..then i moved from her stall with my trolley penuh ngan barang2 yang nak ngikut balik tapah jugak, walking around with nothing in mind yet i realized something, there's some strange feeling burning inside..i felt like missing japan soo much, everything i saw and heard reminds me of japan; da foods, the rain, da songs n etc..so i went to buy beard papa's creampuffs, mister donut, sushi and even went daiso to ease my feeling..still, they couldnt erase dat feeling..

only when i was running in the rain to get my Dhiya, i figure out dat i wasn't missing japan, what i really miss are those moments with my best buddies around, doing things together, even da simplest thing would be fun with them around......how lonely i am (=,=) ..there's an empty space in my heart longing for my best friends who are willing to take me da way i am, knowing all my flaws yet still wanna be with me, who could see the truth and pain in me even when i am fooling everyone else saying that "i'm okay", always been there for me through thick and thin, cheering me up and lending me a shoulder whenever i feel sad (i didnt bother to burst into the worst tears in front of them without saying anything and it's funny to think how we could cry together even there's nothing to be sad about (^__~) ) for me, they are da gifts given by Him, always taking a really good care of me esp during my foundation years coz i am fragile,should be handled with care, dat's what they said ..in these 25 plus years, i've learnt dat friendship isn't about whom you have known the longest, it's about who came, and never left your side...i couldnt stop praying dat our friendship continues to grow even over the longest distance, coz...being together is more than enough.. (^__^)

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  1. p/s: thanks for everything my sweetest sugar candies (^__^)