Sunday, May 1, 2011


honestly, i still traumatized over tonight's incident . this is my second time since the first encounter with s1 who's peeping us in our kitchen..i was wondering what will happen to me tonite if he's holding something sharp,he might harm me then as i was standing really close to his hiding place..i was shaking and speechless; as if my heart has stop beating when i saw his pants and shoes just a step from me;  luckily mira was there for me.. i might faint if i was alone at that time not knowing what to do..logically, "what a man did in women's house in the middle of the night? (it's almost 12 a.m)".. since our neighbours had moved to Bachok a few months ago, may be some people has marked our house..we felt unsecure..we decided to learn martial art, so people, watch out, my housemates will fight like a kung fu panda!

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