Sunday, May 1, 2011

cont. of traumatized~

the climax of last nite's incident was at 2.++ a.m. the sound of someone recording us in the bathroom really bothered us. ..three beep sounds, similar to nokia's phone..when we checked at the back of our house, there's a stair! oh God, we are women, what if they gave those pictures or videos to others..all of us couldn't sleep until 4 a.m dicussing on what we have to do, reflecting on several events and incidents, we were quite sure that this is not the first time time; they already peeped us before; seriously, it made us sicked and annoyed. we tried to call the nearest police station to make a report but we couldnt reach them; something wrong with the coverage maybe (or the police already slept at 3 am?).. i dunno what type of people 'those men' are, acting like uncivilized people; sneaking at others' house and misused the technology for the sake of their own satisfaction. we pray to God that nothing bad will happen to us, please protect us in this house until this coming 9th may; our last day......

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