Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gaun Merah Jambu

Putri bought a book from KB Mall yesterday, surprisingly, i was the one who read the book before others (of course those little kiddies love to read this type of book, full of fancy pictures,hee..pity them). IMPRESSIVE. an Islamic fairytale; using our own setting (this could be a meaningful learning to the children). P.T.S ONE publication; owh no wonder la..mabruk to P.T.S One for publishing those kind of books, it's good for our kids..deep down in my heart, i wish i could have them during my past childhood (stories about princess in an Islamic way;i love princess stories ^_^)..but it's okay, at least i still have the chance to read them now, and may be for my littluns in future, iAllah..

GAUN MERAH JAMBU, so comeyl (~,^)
may be they should put my niece name too; putri nurin darwisyah ;p
cantiknya, semua princess bertudung (^_^)
highlighted princess: of coz the one with my fav colour :)

*i would prefer our kids to read lots of books rather than watching television, too much risk on it (^-^)

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