Monday, October 11, 2010

the gift from God

this poem was written for our Creative Writing class (6th sem)..dedicated to all twins in this world..especially the one who is close to me (=

 their mother is lucky
she got two babies in one try!
yes, the pain was great,
but the gain was greater,
a dream of every mother.

the twin were cute and small like peaches
soft and white like roses in the summer
cuddly and fluffy like Persian kittens
folks like to pinch them, in the streets,
they are the pride of hers
they are the beauty of her life.

now, they are growing
not forgotten theri mother's sacrifices
very humble and pure
blooming in every's heart
remain as their mother's pride ever..

**all the moments during Creative Writing class still fresh in mind..esp the one when we had to do all our writing stressful right?.. however when we recall it now, it could give a smile in our face..moment that could not be forgotten ^-^

~credit to mio~

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