Wednesday, August 25, 2010

longing for..

fasting month;
longing for snorkelling (i think i'v fall in love with it  and looking forward to do that again and again (^-^))..
cohort 4; memories in Redang and Pangkor still fresh in mind..
a big thanks to anie and mior for snorkelling with me last time in Redang,  without u guys maybe i couldn't be able to land my foot on that ship..

semua da tak sabar tuk snorkel @ redang island

*such a wonderful experience (^-^)

longing for swimming too..(owh, how i miss swimming pool in UITM shah alam)..need to find a swimming pool in bachok,huu..but anie asked me to swim at Pantai Irama..(kalau pi jugak, tak sempat nak raya kut, bukan reti berenang sangat ni ;-p)

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