Saturday, September 29, 2012

takde tajuk :P

alhamdulillah, praises be to Allah for everything that happens (past, present & future).. (^__^)

just came back from a programme @SBPI Gopeng; the school is so big and pemandangan sangat cantik, dekat Banjaran Bintang katanya (nak kena cek buku geografi zaman sekola dulu la ni nampaknya (^__~) ). Alhamdulillah iv gain lots of knowledge n experience from this two days event; this is my second event and da 4th, 5th n 6th sessions as an adjudicator for English debate after HKSBP, masih budak hingusan dalam bidang ni but i really appreciate da trusts given to me to judge all the sessions inc. da finale between mckk n iGop (i was shaking nervously during finale as i had to sit at adjudicator's bench next to the Chief Adjudicator; d one who organize adjudicator's course for all representatives from SBP at STAR few months ago, she's such an experienced teacher n another one is also cikgu from SBP yang sangat berpengalaman sebagai hakim bahas bahasa inggeris, rasa macam azie semut yang hitam di antara gajah-gajah (huu, de ke perumpamaan macam tu?) and disebabkan stay at the same dorm with k.aisya from Raja Perempuan Bainun n k.shery (Head of English Panel, MCKK; she's been teaching there for 24 years) so dapatla tips2 yang sangat berguna untuk cikgu2 baru macam kami ni, they are so nice and willing to share all the secret recipes on how to improve students' performance in academic and English debate of course, alhamdulillah.. (^__^)

alhamdulillah, though it wasn't as big as da last 39th HKSBP (to be more specific; Piala Perdana Menteri), i still consider this as 1 of important events in my career as an English teacher~
 p/s: yet, i feel grateful to be posted in SESTA (^_^)
with SESTA debate team n their guru pengiring, mrs. nui; lukman, ridha, diana, nazri n sean

# sometimes we tend to terlalu fikir tentang persaan orang lain especially da 1 dat we call friend. we are willing to do anything cuz we luv 'em, but it hurts to realize dat we are actually nothing to them,  lesson of da story, sumtimes we have to think twice or more bout da pros and cons before deciding on doing anything for their sake, think bout ourself coz we have da feeling too; remember, we are the one who are going to face da consequences, not her, not him..ramai yang pandai cari kawan tapi tak ramai yang tahu cane nak jaga hati kawan~no hurt feelings please, peace! (^__^)

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