Friday, May 11, 2012

HKSBP; adjudicator's course

      alhamdulillahi'ala kulli hal..akhirnya dapat melepaskan rindu pada Dhiya after 3 hari tak jumpa n dhiya baik2 saja..i was having a good time in Ipoh for the last three days (menyibukkan diri is such a good escapism tuk mengubati hati yang lara, to ani, terima kasih coz being such a good friend to me, sudi mendengar bait2 kesedihan ini dan memberi sedikit kekuatan tika diri terlalu lemah,... minta maaf ni, ore banyak menyusahkan ni, how grateful i am to have a friend like u by my side..(T-T) am praying dat Allah membalasmu dengan sesuatu yang lebih baik ya sodiqati azizah..)
       alhamdulillah jumpa adik beradik baru, from our own big family, SBP all over Malaysia including Borneo..on our 2nd day there, rupanya ada 'surprise' menanti, all of us have to sit for adjudication test! what did they expect from my answers,huu..i'v never been an adjudicator before, (just once within c4 community)..n most of those who attend this were having like 5-12 years experience as an adjudicator.. da test was conducted by Malaysian Institute of Debate and Public speaking (MIDP)..the result will give us d accreditation to be the adjudicator in any debate tournament or competition, what a big license! i was having a hard time as i have to digest da 2 days course knowledge into 2 parts of questions, da first part consists of 30 mcq, true false,likert scale and open ended Qs n for da second part, we have to adjudicate a live debate between STAR teams, (filled in 4 pages form; giving marks to every debater, put comments, find clashes n etc)..  the students were awesome, they could speak like a very good Prime Minister! eager to watch them on HKSBP kebangsaan from 26 to 29 may..above all,this course has provided me a lot of new knowledge n i hope i could be a really good English teacher one fine day, amin....

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