Monday, April 23, 2012

cerita di sebalik cerita p1~ o(^_^)o

it's really challenging to teach all the form from form 1 to 5, believe me coz im teaching them now, huu..chaiyuk2 zie.. (^_^)..last week i taught my form 2 students about adjectives, so dis morning i was asking them to apply what they have learned in an it was just a period, i let them to just write a short paragraph, the title is, lebih kurang gini la.. 'describe about your life 20 years from now'..then i could see their face expressions, blur, eager, excited, macam2 ada..then they started to write...from line to line..the page was full with their dreams (i pray dat all of them will come true, amin (^-^)...they covered their paper while writing the essay, malu kut2 kawan2 curi baca diorang punya dreams, huu..sangatla comeyl.. but in the middle of their writing, they faced some difficulties in searching for the right vocabularies to describe their life when they are 34,  so i was thinking "only now u know how important dictionary is,huu".. jenuh juga la tcer yang sorang ni nak melayan 30 orang tu, buat2 muka confident betulkan ayat budak2 cute sume bila dorang raised up their least dis morning English class would be a great lesson to them why i'v made it compulsory for them to bring dictionary ;p

one of my students' short paragraph, so cute, and he is da smallest boy in the batch..touched by his dream to be da first man to build a mosque in space (azizi is his deskmate in class (^_^)

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