Sunday, May 22, 2011


just to be frank, i feel quite uneasy about 'this'. i wish i could tell my father how much i wish not to be posted in kelantan and i'm already applied for perak (if i could...) but he got a strong cabel there in KPM and JPN; he managed to ensure that all my sis and bro teach in kelantan..i know his intention is good, he doesnt want me to face any difficulties when i start my career later on; i really appreciate it..but still, deep down in my heart, how much i wish he knows no one there. i just wanna accept any place decided by BPG/KPM, if it is fated for me..i don't care if i am going to be posted in Sabah or Sarawak..honestly, im not trying to run away from responsibilities to my parents, im bond with it but since i was teenager, i loved to travel, getting to know others' place.. i know, whatever happens later on, God knows what is best for willing to accept the provisions of God with an open heart, iAllah..please do pray for me (^_^)

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