Wednesday, March 9, 2011

appreciating life

the thought of life is very short keep on coming to this mind lately. may be i was influenced by Morrie (zie, dun say that u'r so indulge in your assignment, not so u la) huu..(^,~)..but seriously, dis heart of mine is easily touched even with just a simple act from those who are close to me (not in negative ways of cos)..can't imagine if one day, some of us are no longer in this temporary world, i would be the saddest coz im the owner of a very fragile heart (just wipe your tears dear, they are still here for u, always be by your side..)..promise; im gonna appreciate every single thing in my life till 'the day' has come........insyaAllah (^_^)  

Not letting
ourselves be loved...
because we're too afraid of giving
ourselves to someone we might lose.

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