Thursday, February 17, 2011

preserve them~

from a second to a day, time passes wif incredible speed; we'r already in the middle of February. Yup, there are so many assignments to be submitted especially AE yet still i'll try my best to cherish every time and moment left for us. being together for almost 6 years; through ups and down, joy and despair, hitherto we live happily as cohort 4. deep down in my heart, i couldn't stop to be thankful to God, for His gift. im happy to be around those who really care bout me without hoping  for something in return, and above all, they appreciate my existence in their life as a F.R.I.E.N.D. im not trying to show da 'sentimental' part of ma self but to be frank, i feel sad to be apart wif them later on. to all my precious friends, hope til the end, we will be able to create as many great moments as we can to be reminisced all dis life. hope one fine day, i can tell my kids; how lucky i am to have u guys in my life~

JaLan2 cAri MaKAn

dunno what to choose,
kuey teow kungfu, kueyteow
goreng n rojak ayam stil dalam perut
at last; bihun singapore not in da picture

mira tomey (;
  sedap o(0,0)o
alhamdulillah kenyang (^,~)
tag tuk special kids ;-p

mak depa tinggal sat ni, sejam 3 ringgit
lama sangat duk sini, transform into vampire
# from today onwards, gonna share lots of moments here coz life is too short, at least there are something dat i could preserve til the end~

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