Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How to convert Power Point slides into images

i was having some problems in converting powerpoint slides into images just now. after a short discussion with mirau tomey, we found the solution; just google it! hee.. thanks to mr. Ashish Mohta , A Professional Tech blogger, Editor and Writer for the tips. ok, this is what we have to do;
In PowerPoint 2010 it has changed a little but more or less it is the same :
  • Go to BackStage >Save and Send > Change File Type
  • Select PNG or JPEG as File Types
  • You will be opted if you want to save them as single or one for each slide.

In PowerPoint 2007 :
  • Open the PowerPoint presentation (PPT or PPS).
  • Go to File > Save As > Other formats
  • Now you will see lot of options for in the combo box. Select JPEG format and save.
  • This will save all your file into a folder with same name as your ppt or pps name.
#da berjaya convert, senang ja mira kan, kan? moga bermanfaat (=

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