Friday, December 10, 2010

saya sukakannya ^-^

'urm, betul la orang cakap manusia senang berubah.. orang juga selalu cakap, jangan terlalu membenci seseorang, takut nanti orang tu la yang kita akan suka..'

huu..actually entry  ni azie bukan nak cakap pasal orang, tapi buah..dulu azie tak pernah suka carrot..tak pernah..nak nak lagi jus dia..tak masuk ngan tekak ni..tapi tu cite dulu, before, azie pantang tengok carrot mesti nak..nak nak! tapi kena makan ikut cara azie r...haish..azie azie...

ok, kat sini azie nak share benefits carrot juice...moga bermanfaat (^-^)
  • Carrot juice is a rich source of natural vitamins and other nutrients. It contains some of the finest nourishment ingredients, like beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin that are very essential for the proper functioning of the optic system. They particularly help in the prevention of cataracts, astigmatism and macular degeneration.
  • The juice is regarded as a very powerful detoxifier and is extremely beneficial in cleansing the liver. Hence, conditions like acne, caused by blood toxicity, are prevented to a great extent, by its regular consumption.(paling suka yang ni coz muka azie sangat teruk now, moga dengan izin Allah boleh elok, really hope so..)
  • Carrot juice is very effective in treating nasal congestion, sinusitis, mucus in the throat, phlegm and other similar disorders. This is mainly achieved by removing and dispelling mucus from the nose, ear and throat areas.
  • If you are a chain smoker or are regularly exposed to second-hand smoke, make it a habit to consume carrot juice regularly. The juice is also very beneficial for individuals suffering from emphysema.
  • The high concentration of nutrients present in the juice helps a lot in providing nourishment to the cells and preventing conditions like ulcers.
  • Carrot juice contains certain vital organic alkaline compounds that play a major role in keeping a balance in the blood acidity and the blood sugar levels.
  • The protective antioxidants present in the juice act as a shield against infections and radical attack of the respiratory system, like in case of asthma.
  • Carrot juice is particularly rich in vitamin C, which is very helpful in the proper nourishment of the human skin, preventing dry skin, psoriasis and such other skin conditions.
  • The molecules present in the juice are regarded as the closest to human hemoglobin molecules. Hence, they contribute a lot in the process of blood building and thereby, in the prevention of anemia.
  • Carrot juice also helps in the general strengthening of the human immune system, by building resistance to different kinds of infections and enhancing the production and performance of the white blood cells.
  • A well-known diuretic, carrot juice helps to get rid of the excess fluids present in the body, preventing water retention. Hence, it should be taken on a regular basis by pregnant women and women in their periodic menstruation cycle.
  • Regular intake of the juice by pregnant women, particularly during the last few months, decreases the incidence of jaundice in the newborn.
  • Carrot juice also helps to increase the quantity and quality of the mother’s breast milk.
  • Individuals suffering from chronic constipation should drink carrot juice regularly. The recommended proportion of the juice is five parts of carrot juice with one parts of spinach juice.
  • A single cup of carrot juice, taken daily in the morning, can help to clear up threadworms in children and toddlers.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties of carrot juice help to cure conditions like rheumatism, arthritis, gout and such other inflammatory conditions.


    1. Rajin ustazah on9 yer...huhuhu... :)
      Anyway, carrot mmg sedap! baik utk kesihatan mata dan kulit...huhu

    2. huu..azie x de pape nk wat cuti ni(AE?urkk..), fb da lama x bkk so duk sni la tiap2 hr (;

    3. ayaq karet susu pon sedap azie..

    4. waa, abah is back! so happy,tq 4 reading,hee.. btui2, sedap ^_^