Sunday, October 31, 2010

how childish i am ^-^

all teachers and staff of SMK Beris Panchor were gathered on 28th October 2010 for annual dinner..supposedly, the dinner would be on 30th October but the organizers changed it at the eleventh hour as the date was overlapped with final football match between kelantan n n9..

me n my partner were invited too,hee..

special invitation;name was written there ^-^
the venue was Renaissance Hotel, and all of us look orange dat nite (me n ani just wore our cohort batik,save budget n cost ;-p)

da happiest moment;i got one of lucky draw prizes, the number was 077..huu,couldn't describe how happy i was..for the first time in my 23rd golden age, i was last (^-^) childish i am~


  1. haha sempat jgk merasa lucky draw
    best kn, rasa diri sgt btuah
    wlaupun dpt hamper

    ak dlu pnah dpt ms di pt
    mmg ungsangkarable, ptik kata2 hasbullah awang

  2. tu la ali, even just dpt hamper tp rase sgt bertuah(ye la,nama pun cabutan bertuah,so sape2 yg dpt rs sgt btuah,hee..)congratz to ali too sbb pnah dpt (;