Monday, September 20, 2010

because of u..

 your friendship has meant understanding,
sharing-everything good.
because of you,
i've laughed a little harder,
cried a little less,
smile a lot for no special reason.
because of you,
my world is a happier place.
because of you,
i felt the warm embrace of a good and lasting friendship.

once in a lifetime
you find a friend
who touches not only your heart
but also your soul

once in a lifetime
you discover someone
who stands beside you
not over you

once in a lifetime
if you are lucky
you find someone
as i have found you

very special people
we can be ourselves with
talk with, laugh with,
hope with and believe with.....

*lucky to have outstanding people around me, your presence means everything to me (^-^)..thanx my dear friends~


  1. azie..dh lame yer azie de blog?huhuhu..maaf xtau..
    love u sis!