Sunday, August 15, 2010

tcer azie 2..

very sad and frustrated today..if i did not control myself and be patient in front of my students in class *** just now, i think i might burst into tears....i told myself, calm down zie, selawat banyak2..

hmm..i wonder why my students could be so rude to me, they are only ** years old but the way they talked to me as if they are much older than me..maybe because im not that fierce, 'kena jadi garang ke baru students dengar kata?'..

my friends advised me before, 'masuk kelas kena garang, kalo tak susah nanti.' .. susah la nak jadi garang ni, it doesn't suit me..feel like im going to faint everytime i scold my students..tak sampai i in the right profession?..

need to reflect myself on how to solve this prob coz i love them, much more than anyone could imagine..if they could see how excited i was this morning waiting for the bell ringing, longing to meet them, they should understand why i felt very sad....

seriously i'm frustrated, no more words.................................


  1. ditto here azie. But I dont have a deep affection at all to my students. X pelah kot zie, it is still way too early to say anything, maybe we will found a way to cope with rude students with our tender lovely way someday.

  2. Salam Teacher Azie,
    Itulah antara cabaran sebagai pendidik sekarang. Istiqamah dalam berjuang pasti akan timbul kesan kebaikan dalam diri students teacher azie.

  3. jie; thanx 4 ur support, maybe i should learn from u great teacher ramzi ;-p